• Research Questions

    The aims of the research (in order of priority) are as follows:


    • To discover how the digital revolution has impacted on reading and response
    • To explore the uses of digitally gathered data for academic researchers, teachers and the creative industries
    • To build and develop collaborations with researchers working on studies of readers both in the UK and internationally
    • To analyse what data on readers is currently available digitally
    • To analyse what activities readers engage in online and by means of digital technologies
    • To establish whether these activities potentially enhance or contribute to the understanding and interpretation of literary texts
    • To examine the ethical and legal implications of using online data
    • To use empirical and quantitative methodologies to analyse reader activity and behaviour
    • To create a survey of existing studies of readers, including cross-disciplinary approaches


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    If you are already conducting research in this area and would like to register as a potential participant in this study for focus groups, interviews and so forth (to be conducted online or travel funding provided where applicable) please register your interest on the  Get involved page.