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Manifesting With Spiritual Sprays

Spiritual sprays are a smokeless alternative to burning white sage or palo santo. They are helpful in tending to one’s energetic field, especially for empaths and highly sensitive people.

Spiritual Sprays

This cleansing aura spray features a woodsy, herbal, walking-through-the-forest scent that soothes the spirit. It cleanses negative and stale energy and helps clear the mind prior to meditation.

The energy of manifestation is about opening the pathway for your dreams and desires to come to fruition. It is about pairing intention with attention. It is about focusing energy in a direction and watching it grow. It takes patience, confidence and follow through. It is also a process of learning to detach from the outcome.

Spiritual sprays can be used to help clear and balance the energy around you before you manifest anything. These sprays typically include several oils that have the ability to eliminate negative energy and create a feeling of balance. They can be sprayed on a person or in the space that you are planning to manifest something in, such as a house, office or car.

There are many different types of spiritual sprays on the market. Some of them are made with sacred smudging herbs like Sage, while others have elements that are known for their purifying and balancing properties. One of the most popular is a combination of cypress, lavender, lemon and rosemary essential oil which is excellent for clearing and uplifting the spirit. This spray is ideal for use before any spiritual practice, including meditation and spell casting.

In addition to clearing and uplifting, these spiritual sprays are believed to empower people to manifest their aspirations with positivity. These are thought to magnetize the etheric body, creating a shift within the energy field that is meant to attract whatever it is you give your attention and energy to. This is why it is important to only manifest things that are good for you and those who will benefit from them.

Manifestation spray can be made at home by using the following ingredients:


A cleansing spiritual spray is a wonderful alternative to smoking palo santo sticks or sage bundles. It’s an effective and easy way to clear accumulated energy that may be lingering in your home, office or car, as well as your aura. It can also be used to clear the energy of your crystals before programming them or to cleanse thrift store finds that may still carry the energetic imprint of their previous owners.

You can make a cleansing spiritual spray using distilled water or an essential oil based formula. Using distilled water is important for this type of spiritual spray to help ensure it’s free of any bacteria, minerals and other contaminants that could interfere with the intended purpose of the spray. You can find distilled water at most health food stores or online.

When making a cleansing spray, choose an essential oil that’s relevant to the intended use of the spray. If the spray is intended to cleanse your aura, essential oils like sage and cedarwood are great options. You can also use essential oils that promote healing and balance, such as ylang ylang and sandalwood. It’s also a good idea to add protection crystals to your formula if you plan on using the spray to protect yourself against negative energies, psychic attacks or harmful energies that are attempting to attach themselves to your aura.

A cleansing spiritual spray is a great addition to any full moon ritual or can be used on a daily basis when you feel the need for a quick energy clearing. It’s also a great way to prepare for meditation, prayer or other spiritual practice by grounding and calming your mind. Simply spritz the spray, breathe in the calming aroma and visualize any accumulated stress, anger or negativity being released from your aura as you do. You can also spritz the spray on your clothes and bedding before you go to sleep, which can also help relax you. This is especially helpful for a restful night’s sleep when you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, anxious or stressed. The calming scent of the sage and ho wood essential oils in this spray is perfect for helping you relax and drift off to a peaceful sleep.


Using spiritual sprays to cleanse and protect your aura or space is a popular ritual that can be used as part of your self-care practice. It’s a convenient, smokeless alternative to burning herbs like sage for energy cleansing that can be especially helpful for those who are sensitive or who have trouble breathing in the fumes from burned herbs.

These sprays can also be used to clean your crystals, Tarot cards, or any other spiritual tools you may use to access your intuition and tap into your higher self. They can also be a useful tool for empaths and highly sensitive people who often find themselves picking up negative energy from other people or environments.

A sage spray can be particularly effective for protecting your energetic field before doing activities that require you to be a clear channel for your intuition, including reading Tarot or writing in journaling. For this reason, it’s a great addition to a bedtime routine to help relax you before sleep.

You can make your own aura protection spray by mixing sage oil (which is said to banish negative energy) with bay leaf and ho wood essential oils to create a cleansing and protective mist. Be sure to include a natural preservative for your sprays, such as vodka or a nontoxic tincture (we recommend Geogard ECT).

If you want to add some healing and calming essential oils, try hyssop, which is balancing and encourages love + acceptance and juniper, which helps clear obstacles to spiritual enlightenment. To ensure that your sage spray is effective, always choose 100% pure essential oils to avoid any harmful chemicals or diluted versions of your favorite scents.

While aura sprays are often used as a form of divination, it’s important to remember that they only work if you believe in them. It’s also not a substitute for professional medical treatment. Nevertheless, aura sprays can be a good way to cleanse your space, boost your confidence, and feel empowered to face the challenges life throws at you. So go ahead and give them a try!


A clear mind is a powerful tool for manifesting your goals. If you’re struggling with mental clutter or brain fog, this spiritual spray can help you focus and sharpen your vision. Clarity is also a wonderful aid during times of confusion or uncertainty. Spritz this mist over yourself or in your environment during meditation and yoga to clear your energy field.

You can also use this aura cleansing spray to cleanse your crystals and other spiritual tools before using them. This sage-infused DIY aura spray is a great addition to your meditative bedtime routine or as an energetic cleanser before reading Tarot cards.

The key ingredients for this DIY aura spray include sage hydrosol, essential oils of your choice, and a natural solubilizer (optional). A solubilizer is an agent that helps the oils mix with the water. You can purchase a solubilizer at most health food stores or online. Aura sprays can be made with a variety of liquid bases including sun water, distilled water, alcohol, or herbal water such as sage hydrosol.

You may also add a calming, clarifying, or protective oil blend to your spiritual aura spray. A few examples of such oil blends include:

Spritz this spiritual clarity spray over your face, hair, and skin to help you feel more grounded and clear of the chaos of life. It’s perfect for use during yoga or meditation to clear your energy field before focusing on your practice.

This DIY aura clearing spray is a smokeless way to help you clear your energy, protect your space and recharge your spiritual tools. This sage-infused aura spray is great to use before doing activities that require you to be a clear channel for intuition, such as reading Tarot cards or practicing Reiki.

The ingredients in this DIY aura spray include full moon water, sage hydrosol, and a blend of essential oils of cypress, lavender, lemon, and rosemary. It’s great to use during meditation and yoga to keep your energies focused, grounded, and energized. This is a safe alternative to using sage on your skin for an aura cleanse and is also a fantastic alternative to a DIY chakra balancing spray.