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March 2024

No Face YT Review

No Face YT is a course by Thomas Garetz that teaches students how to make money on YouTube without showing their faces. No Face YT Review is well-made and offers step-by-step instructions. It also includes a private Facebook group and a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, there are some concerns about the course’s legitimacy. For example, it doesn’t have any student reviews or testimonials.

No Face YT Review

Thomas Garetz is a well-known YouTuber who makes a living from his content. He has several income streams, including views-based ad revenue and brand endorsements. He also sells various training programs, such as No Face YT and High Ticket YT Secrets, with a notable price tag.

The No Face YT course claims that it can help you create a successful YouTube channel without showing your face or using your voice. The program teaches you how to build a viral video that can attract thousands of views and generate ad revenue. It also explains how to use stock videos, graphics, and voiceovers in your videos. The course also encourages you to automate your channel and make money on autopilot.

However, many of the claims made in the course are questionable. While Garetz has a large following and is a respected figure in the online marketing space, his claims of generating substantial ad revenue without showing your face are hard to believe. This is especially true because you need a lot of views to earn a decent amount of ad revenue on YouTube.

While it is possible to create videos that rake in hundreds of dollars, crafting no-face YouTube videos is a time-consuming endeavor. It requires hours of research, scripting, narrating, recording, and editing. It is also important to keep in mind that the new YouTube algorithm favors content that promotes long watch times and positive user experience. This can significantly increase your chances of achieving ad revenue.

In addition to teaching you how to create a profitable YouTube channel, No Face YT also offers a number of upsells that can boost your income. These include a bundle of training modules and resources, a private community, and recommended tools. Moreover, the program offers a 30-day money back guarantee, which is more than enough to give you peace of mind.

The No Face YT course is available for $247. It is a good deal because it includes the High Ticket YT Secrets upsell. The course covers topics like effective TikTok strategies, tips on outsourcing for efficiency, and how to leverage YouTube Shorts for visibility.

While some YouTube creators have succeeded in raking in thousands of dollars without appearing on camera, crafting no-face videos is a hefty undertaking. The process involves hours of work from sourcing images and video clips to scripting, recording, and editing. Additionally, it’s important to note that YouTube’s 2023 algorithm places a higher emphasis on viewer engagement and watch time. This might make it more difficult for people to create videos that monetize without appearing on camera.

In addition to teaching students how to create no-face videos, the course also teaches them how to grow their channel and earn affiliate income by promoting other people’s products. It also covers topics such as equipment, best practices, and ways to improve YouTube studio. The course offers a variety of free content, as well as paid training courses that cost up to several thousand dollars.

What makes this course different from other YouTube automation courses is that it teaches students to do everything themselves before hiring freelancers. This helps reduce the risk of spending money on unqualified freelancers. It also gives the student more control over their channel. While it’s possible to outsource the production of your videos, this can be expensive and time-consuming. In addition, it may not be the best way to monetize your videos, especially if they’re not viral.

Thomas Garetz claims that he’s made a fortune through YouTube marketing, but his credibility is questionable. He’s a well-known figure in the YouTube community, but his videos often feel clickbaity and make bold claims about how much money you can earn. This raises suspicions that he might be exaggerating his earnings or even lying.

In addition to the course, Garetz sells High Ticket YT Secrets, a product that teaches students how to monetize their channels. This product has a low price point and a generous refund policy. It also includes an affiliate program and a free e-book. However, the program is not as effective as other programs in generating affiliate sales, and it can be expensive to implement. However, it’s worth trying if you want to earn a passive income from YouTube.

The No Face YT course is a YouTube marketing course that was created by Thomas Garetz. It teaches users how to use their YouTube channel to generate income online. Garetz has a large following on YouTube and is a well-known figure in the marketing industry, but some people question whether he is credible. He makes a lot of bold claims in his videos, and his methods are not always legal. Some of his content may be in violation of YouTube’s terms of service, and he doesn’t always disclose how much money he earns from his channels.

The course is a good option for beginners who want to become YouTubers without having to be on camera. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to create a video, and it also includes a list of recommended tools. The course is also a great choice for people who are looking to make a passive income online. It is important to note, however, that the course requires a significant amount of time and effort to edit clips and add effects.

Garetz offers a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. The program is also offered on a trial basis, so you can try it for a month before making a purchase. However, you must meet certain criteria to qualify for the refund.

While the No Face YT program sounds appealing at first glance, it’s not for everyone. Its rosy portrayal of earning substantial passive income quickly fades upon closer examination. Moreover, YouTube’s changing algorithm has made it difficult for faceless videos to compete against original content.

Unlike most other YouTube courses, the No Face YT course focuses on creating faceless videos, rather than on the platform’s rules and policies. It also emphasizes promoting affiliate products and teaching students how to optimize their videos for monetization. Despite these drawbacks, it is still a worthwhile investment for people who are interested in creating YouTube videos. The course offers a comprehensive set of videos and a private Facebook group. In addition, the course is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Thomas Garetz’s No Face YT course is a great option for people who want to generate income through YouTube without having to be on camera. His training covers how to create a thriving faceless channel that can connect with viewers emotionally and monetize through ads. The course also teaches how to optimize videos for search engines and create engaging titles and descriptions. However, despite the benefits of this course, it isn’t for everyone.

Its lack of reviews and testimonials is a concern, but the course website does have a private Facebook group with over 700 members. While the Facebook group doesn’t provide much proof of its effectiveness, it does suggest that the course isn’t a scam. Its price is also affordable, and it doesn’t require any additional expenses for setup or hosting.

The course’s bold claim of making money through YouTube raises questions about its legitimacy. Although YouTube does offer substantial passive income opportunities, Garetz’s claims about generating a significant amount of revenue through a faceless channel seem unrealistic at best.

Another area of concern is Garetz’s recommendation to review and critique copyrighted content without rebroadcasting it. While this may be a legitimate strategy for generating income, it can also be a violation of copyright law. This issue is further compounded by the fact that YouTube’s evolving algorithm distinguishes between original and generic content, creating a challenge for faceless channels.

Despite these concerns, the course is an excellent choice for those who want to start a business that can run on autopilot. Unlike traditional businesses, this model can be profitable even during slow periods. Those interested in this opportunity should consider exploring Digital Leasing, which is a company that specializes in setting up these businesses. Their training guides students through the process of identifying a profitable niche and establishing a business that runs on autopilot.